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Imagine having a single place where you can find “all things Catholic.”  We’re sorting through thousands of high quality, authentically Catholic resources and compiling them all here & this summer we’ll be launching with more than 500 pages of Catholic content!  From people, organizations, ministries and religious orders to books, music, podcasts and radio, the Catholic Compendium will have it all!

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com·pen·di·um  /kəmˈpendēəm/

noun: a collection of concise but detailed information about a particular subject

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There are tons of awesome Catholic ministries or organizations and we don’t know them all-we need your help!  Please reach out to us and tell us who you want us to list!

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We need your financial support to make this happen!  This is a grass roots evangelization effort that will be funded by $5 & $10 donations from everyday Catholics.  Join us!

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We’re building the Catholic Compendium right now and we’ve got hundreds of pages of incredible Catholic people, places and organizations already!  Go ahead, peak behind the curtain…

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Immediate Needs...

Our goal is to launch this summer and have over 500 pages of resources to start, but we NEED your help!

Our first barrier is our hosting bill which is $200 a month for a site of this magnitude.   Please consider becoming a Patron and helping us with this!

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If you know an amazing Catholic person or ministry please nominate them!

What We’re Looking For

We’re looking for quality, professionally presented people & organizations who are doing awesome stuff in the Church!  Bloggers, authors, writers, musicians, apostolates, religious orders, theologians, radio shows, podcasts, universities, institutes, you name it! If you have any questions just reach out.

Nominating Yourself?

Awesome! Here’s how you can help us help you…

  1.  Our profiles are very detailed and in depth.  You’ve got a whole page which can have text, pictures, testimonials, videos, audio, links to your products and more.   The more content you provide for us the better!   Feel free to email details directly to John Flynn.
  2. The more original content the better!  For example, we can use a standard bio for you that is available all over the web but if you rewrite it a bit specifically for this site it will really help your Search Engine Optimization.   This is a tool to help you- the more you put into it, the more you’ll get out of it.
  3. Your website needs to be Mobile responsive so it works properly on all devices and it needs to be Secured with an SSL.  If you need help with this please reach out!
  4. This site will get tons of traffic from search engines and as a result the majoirity of people who come here will be either non-Catholic or nominally Catholic.  As you craft content you will have more success if you tailor it direcly to those audiences.
  5. You will have a large featured image a the top of your profile.  If you would like to use a specific image the specifications of that image are 750px by 500px (6:4).

If you have any more questions please reach out to John Flynn via email at

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you charge to list my ministry or organization on the site?

Nope, it’s free.  Our goal is to rely on people’s generosity. If you’ve been blessed by this site then please consider becoming a Patron and supporting us as you are able.

Do you have featured listings available if we want to pay for those?

No.  We may from time to time do featured listings but this will simply be a random choice, not a paid opportunity.  We want our users to know that we have selected resources because we believe in them, not because they have paid us money.  This will help build a trust with the user and has a greater chance of impacting them.

Will you have ads on the site?

It is our absolute goal to not do so.  Again, this is about the user, not about making money.  We want to focus on creating high quality profiles for our ministries and introducing them to our users.