Caritas cafe is the blog of Michael and Alyssa Grasinski, an adorable and creative Catholic couple who share their stories, blogs, photos and art.  Thier Cardinal story is amazing!

Alyssa writes:

“We were in a bit of a pickle. Michael was interviewing with EWTN and discerning which grad school, if any, to attend. We prayed about which option was God’s will, as we wanted whatever His will was. But we didn’t seem to have a clear answer.” 

One day, Michael felt inspired to pray this particular prayer that seemed kind of silly…

“Lord, if you want me to pursue studying at the JPII Institute in D.C., please send a cardinal to land on our deck; if you want me to pursue a master’s at [another school] or begin working now, please send a blue jay to land on our deck.”

Of course, they both felt a bit silly but you can guess what happened next…

“The next morning, when I glanced over, I caught my breath….. Not only was a cardinal on our deck, a blue jay was flying in the background but never landed.”

Check these two out… they’re pretty amazing and inspirational!

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