Newman Centers

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Newman Centers are residence and Catholic ministry centers at non-Catholic universities throughout the world. These centers provide pastoral services and ministries to their Catholic communities, in particular to the Roman Catholic student population within universities throughout the world.Newman Centers have had many notable alumni and priests.Popular speaker and podcaster  Fr. Michael Schmitz serves as [...]

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Steve Ray

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Steve Ray is a convert to the Catholic Church and the author of three best-selling Ignatius Press books (Crossing the Tiber, Upon this Rock, and St. John’s Gospel). Steve can be heard  at conferences around the world.  He is a regular guest on The Journey Home   broadcast by EWTN and has appeared on Ave Maria [...]

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The Wild Goose

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The Ministry of the Wild Goose is a part of Franciscan Pathways, a non-profit outreach of the Franciscan Friars of the Province of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, Third Order Regular headed by Fr. Dave Pivonka  TOR. The Ministry of the Wild Goose works in partnership with 4PM Media, a Catholic media company, [...]

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Fr. Dave Pivonka

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Father Dave Pivonka, TOR, is a well known and popular speaker  and Franciscan University of Steubenville president.He is the author of several books including Hiking the Camino: 500 Miles with Jesus and Breath of God. He also produced The Wild Goose, a video series on the Holy Spirit produced by 4PM Media. Father Dave’s [...]

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Catherine of Siena Institute

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The Catherine of Siena Institute is an apostolate founded by Sherry Weddell and  Fr. Michael Sweeney O.P.. The Catherine of Siena Institute works to ensure that the words of Pope John Paul, II  as found in Christifideles Laici  "Formation is not the privilege of a few, but a right and duty of all" may become a [...]

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Lighthouse Catholic Media

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Lighthouse Catholic Media was founded in 2005, by Mark Middendorf, Terry Barber and Dave Durand. Middendorf was inspired to start Lighthouse Catholic Media after listening to cassette tapes by Scott Hahn and other Catholic speakers. Using his business knowledge garnered from a successful career in corporate sales, Middendorf began distributing tapes to family and friends. He then [...]

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Seton Home Study School

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Seton Home Study School Seton Home Study School is a nationally accredited, faithfully Catholic private PreK-12 distance school located in the state of Virginia. They serve an enrollment of approximately 12,000 homeschooled students, and several thousand more families through book sales and by furnishing materials to small Catholic schools. Seton employs a common [...]

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Strange Notions

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Strange Notions is the central place of dialogue between Catholics and atheists. It's built around three things: reason, faith, and dialogue. You'll find articles, videos, and rich comment box discussion concerning life's Big Questions. The site was created by Brandon Vogt ( and operates under the aegis of Word on Fire. What [...]

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Bill Donaghy

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Bill Donaghy Bill is an instructor, international speaker, and curriculum specialist for the Theology of the Body Institute Certification Program. Bill worked for nearly a decade teaching theology at Malvern Preparatory School as well as Immaculata University, while giving talks, retreats, and conferences for the Theology of the Body Institute. He has worked in [...]

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Next Level Catholic Academy

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Next Level Catholic Academy is an online teaching community designed to turn ordinary Catholics into spiritual dynamos.Founded by Matthew Leonard, it's the fastest growing "school" for authentic Catholic spirituality in the world. The program is available on a  subscription basis and can be purchased in monthly or yearly plans. Access is granted to online [...]

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