Tan Books

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TAN Books TAN Books is a traditional Catholic American book distributor and publisher based in Charlotte, North Carolina. TAN Books was founded in 1967, as "TAN Books and Publishers," in Rockford, Illinois by Thomas A. Nelson to keep in print books teaching the traditional Catholic faith in the wake of the upheaval in [...]

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St. Benedict Press

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St. Benedict Press Saint Benedict Press, LLC, a division of Goodwill Publishers, is a Roman Catholic publisher founded in Charlotte, North Carolina in 2006.The "Saint Benedict Press Classics" line began in 2006, starting with public domain classic Catholic titles as a direct competitor against TAN Books and Publishers. In addition to the public [...]

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St. Joseph Communications

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For the better part of 30 years, Saint Joseph Communications has been a pioneer of Catholic media, sharing the message of Jesus Christ with millions of people across the world.It all started in the early 1980s when Terry Barber, the founder, recorded a talk by a dynamic Protestant pastor named Scott Hahn who had [...]

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University of Dallas: Neuhoff School of Ministry

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Theological Education.  Transformative Service. The Neuhoff School of Ministry offers a wide variety of academic, continuing education, certificate and adult faith formation programs for students committed to pastoral service within the Catholic Church, their communities and the world at large. Courses are offered both in person at our Irving, Texas, and Rome, Italy, campuses or [...]

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Catholic Answers

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Catholic Answers started in 1979 when its founder, Karl Keating, came out of Mass and found a flyer on his windshield that attacked the Eucharist. A local Fundamentalist church put them there and the information was completely and utterly wrong. Karl was so annoyed that he drove home with a humble goal: to draft [...]

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FOCUS (Fellowship of Catholic University Students) is a Catholic collegiate outreach founded by Curtis Martin with just two missionaries at Benedictine College in 1998. FOCUS' mission is to share the hope and joy of the gospel with college and university students. Trained in Church teaching, prayer, sacred Scripture, evangelization and discipleship, FOCUS missionaries encounter [...]

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Institute of Catholic Culture

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The Institute of Catholic Culture is an adult catechetical organization, faithful to the Magisterium of the Catholic Church, and dedicated to the Church’s call for a new evangelization.  It's led by Fr. Hezekias who is an extremely talented speaker and lecturer.  He's got over 900 hours of lectures that are organized in a course [...]

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