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Blessed is She

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Blessed Is She Blessed Is She is a sisterhood of women who desire two things: prayer & community. It's a sisterhood of women who want to grow together in their Catholic faith. They create beautiful and accessible resources, products, and experiences to foster community and deepen faith, both online and in person. They invite [...]

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EXAMEN Prayer App

2020-04-08T14:46:11+00:00Categories: Catholic Apps, Catholic Prayers|

 St. Ignatius said you should never omit the Examen Prayer, also known as the Examination of Conscience, from your daily prayer. This app helps you to pray the Examen Prayer daily and walks you gently through the steps with the guidance of Fr. Michael Denk. In the Spiritual Life there are 3 voices: 1) [...]

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Hallow Catholic Meditation & Prayer App

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Hallow Hallow is a Catholic mediation app that combines the peace and stillness of mindfulness mediation with the spiritual growth of prayer. Started by a group of young Catholic professionals that were frustrated that there wasn't a faith-based alternative to the popular secular meditation apps, they quit their jobs to build one. The [...]

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