Catholic Answers started in 1979 when its founder, Karl Keating, came out of Mass and found a flyer on his windshield that attacked the Eucharist. A local Fundamentalist church put them there and the information was completely and utterly wrong. Karl was so annoyed that he drove home with a humble goal: to draft a letter that would introduce basic Catholic beliefs and refute anti-Catholic charges. He signed the rebuttal “Catholic Answers,” opened a post office box in that name, and then placed his response on the windshields of cars in the same Fundamentalist church’s lot.Little did Karl know what would soon blossom from such humble beginnings.

 Keating soon found the post office box bulging with letters—some contrary, yet others cheering him on and asking for other tracts. He obliged, writing 24 more tracts that comprised Catholic Answers’ total line of publications for several years. In 1986 he launched a monthly newsletter to help people keep abreast of what Catholic Answers was doing and learn more about the exciting field of apologetics.

In 1988 growing demand and his own burgeoning desire to commit himself to serving the faith led Keating to close his law practice and turn Catholic Answers into a full-time apostolate, with its first office and staff members.The apostolate grew quickly, and in 1990 its original newsletter was replaced with This Rock, a 10-issue-a-year magazine that has become the nation’s premier journal of Catholic apologetics and evangelization. Since that time the organization has continued to grow and grow.


Currently Catholic Answers is the largest lay-run apostolate of Catholic apologetics and evangelization in the United States. It publishes Catholic Answers Magazine, a bimonthly magazine focusing on Catholic outreach, religious formation and apologetics, as well as the website It also produces Catholic Answers Live, a radio show answering callers’ questions on a variety of topics related to the doctrines and practices of the Catholic Church. Catholic Answers Live is syndicated on the EWTN radio network and can be heard all across the globe.

Apologists currently working for Catholic Answers include Director of Apologetics Tim Staples; Senior Apologist Jimmy Akin; Catholic Answers Live radio host Cy Kellett; and staff apologists Michelle Arnold, Karlo Broussard, Trent Horn, and Peggy Frye.

Notable Catholic figures who formerly worked with Catholic Answers include Mark Brumley, Matthew Pinto, Patrick Madrid, Gerry Matatics, Rosalind Moss, and Jim Blackburn.

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