Using the collected wisdom of Sacred Scripture, the Saints, and the Magisterium of the Catholic Church, Catholic Missionary Disciples(CMD) is ready to meet the challenge that the Church is facing today head-on.

Founded by Marcel Lejeune ,CMD is helping Catholic leaders rediscover the joy of fruitful ministry. This is accomplished by investing deeply into a small number of Catholic leaders and coaching them to do the same in their particular settings.It’s the principal of Spiritual multiplication. Once that process is finished CMD  collaborates with the leaders to help them move their ministry toward the multiplication of missionary disciples.

The reality is that there are no magic bullets or quick fixes to the problems facing the Church today. Jesus spent nearly every day of three years training 12 men in what it meant to be Catholic leaders, and they still misunderstood him, sinned, and fell short of his call  Still, he left the Church not only with the content of his teaching, but the very model and mission we are to achieve – the universal call to “make disciples of all nations,” by helping others come into a life-changing encounter with Jesus, accompanying them, forming them, and sending them back into the world that needs Good News!

Catholic Missionary Disciples  uses these process to help ignite  true spiritual multiplication:

  • 12-week cohorts with leadership team – small groups of Catholic leaders that meet in 1-hour online video conferences, to learn, pray, be formed, and be held accountable to growing in their pastoral skills as evangelists and disciplers.
  • 1-on-1 ministry coaching – personalized weekly ministry coaching for 30 minutes per week.
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