Crisis Magazine

The word “crisis” comes from the ancient Greek krisis—“decision”.

The West has arrived at a crisis point. We must decide: Do we serve the City of God or the City of Man? Does our first allegiance lie with the Church or with the State? Do we profess the ancient and immutable Faith or the latest fashionable secular dogmas?

Not since the Cold War have we experienced such violent political, cultural, and spiritual unrest. Not since the Civil War has our country been divided so bitterly against itself. Our civilization is under attack from the far-left within and radical Islam without.

Most thought-leaders downplay the gravity of the crisis at hand. The rest promise fresh perspectives and new solutions. Ideologies and ideologues rise and fall with the tides, carrying us further and further out to sea. Night draws in on the West.

Yet the solutions we need are anything but new. In fact, they’re as old as time itself. They’re written on man’s hearts and wired into his brain. They were handed down to Moses on Mt. Sinai and taught by Our Lord on the Sea of Galilee.

Every generation has its moment of crisis—the moment when it must decide. And each generation is tasked with articulating these timeless truths of the Faith to guide its decisions.

In 1982, America’s leading Catholic intellectuals founded Crisis for just that purpose.

To this day, Crisis remains America’s most trusted source for authentic Catholic perspectives on Church and State, arts and culture, science and faith. We have one purpose, and one only: to proclaim Christ’s Kingship over all things, at all times, to all nations.

So long as the present crisis endures, we’ll be on the front lines. We can do no other, and we say with St. Peter: “Lord, to whom shall we go?”

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