Smart, Wired, and Independent.

Led by veteran writer John L. Allen Jr., Crux has one mission: To deliver the very best in smart, wired and independent Catholic news.

John writes,

Crux is smart, in that we do more than skim the surface. We do the deep digs that bring to light the meaning of stories, not just the facts. We’re wired, in that we’ve got access to the people who matter in the Catholic Church, from the top to the bottom. We’re also independent, in that we’re not owned by any institution, and we strive not to lean either left or right.

Crux was initially launched as a project of the Boston Globe but moved independent in 2016. Since then they’ve grown into one of the most respected Catholic news sources on the planet.

About the Editor

John L. Allen has written eleven books on the Vatican and Catholic affairs, and also is a popular speaker on Catholicism both in the United States and internationally. The London Tablet has called John “the most authoritative writer on Vatican affairs in the English language,” and renowned papal biographer George Weigel has called him “the best Anglophone Vatican reporter ever.”

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