Good Shepherd Catholic Radio

Currently there are 14 Catholic Radio stations broadcasting in Michigan operated by four broadcasters: Baraga, Holy Family, Ave Maria and Good Shepherd. In September of 2014 Good Shepherd Catholic Radio began broadcasting 24/7 on 1510 AM and 93.3 FM radio out of Jackson, Michigan. The station serves the central part of the Lansing Diocese, and the signal from Jackson reaches Ann Arbor to the east and Mason to the north.

Good Shepherd Catholic Radio has been established as a lay Catholic education apostolate to communicate Christian truth as expressed in Sacred Scripture, Sacred Tradition, and by the Magisterium of the Catholic Church via radio. The station’s purpose is to broadcast Catholic religious and educational programs aimed at upholding and strengthening the Catholic faith, originate local programming focusing on local Catholic events, broadcast Catholic news of local, national, and international significance, and assist the Diocese of Lansing, parish schools, and Catholic organizations with public service announcements, both on the air and on our website.

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