Heart’s Home has the mission of responding to the ever more urgent calls of service from all over the world. Not only does Heart’s Home serve children, the lonely, and those who suffer; it also serves young adults on their quest for meaning and offers them the opportunity to explore their desire to consecrate one year of their lives to the service of others. Heart’s Home has been bringing a Marian spirituality of compassion and consolation to life since its foundation on the 4th of January 1990.

The model used by the organization that of a home. Each home unit of the mission is made up of 4 to 7 members who strive to share a family-style life together. There are 188 Heart’s Home missionaries currently in the field,representing 20 different nationalities 40 mission houses in 26 countries Currently the mission works with more than 12 associations, 36 dioceses and 40 parishes.

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