Born in Texas and grew up in a nominally Protestant home, Akin was not truly exposed to the faith till later in life. At the  age of 20 he experienced a profound conversion to Christ.  This conversion experience led him to plan on becoming a Protestant pastor or seminary professor. Amazingly this study of scripture led him on a path he never expected, a path toward the Catholic Church! Eventually Akin was convinced that he must become Catholic, which he did in 1992. His conversion story, “A Triumph and a Tragedy,” was published in the book Surprised By Truth.His story can also be seen of the EWTN program “The Journey Home

Now he is the  Senior Apologist at Catholic Answers, a member on the Catholic Answers Speakers Bureau, a weekly guest on the global radio program “Catholic Answers Live,” a contributor to Catholic Answers Magazine, and the author of  many  publications  His books include The Fathers Know Best, Mass Revision, and  The Salvation Controversy.  He can also be heard on his own podcast “Jimmy Akins Mysterious World“.

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