From a very young age, music was a game changer. Born and raised in the small, friendly town of Pearl River, Louisiana, John Finch discovered his love for worship and Christian unity early on. For over five years, he has led congregations in worship across the United States. In addition to touring, John Finch is a dedicated songwriter and frequently collaborates with other artists. John can found performing at such events as the AbbeyFest and others.To this day, his goal as a worship leader, artist, and songwriter is to pursue the heart of God with passion and authenticity.

In 2017, Finch released his debut album titled Wildfire, written over the course of several years. In this season, he discovered in a new way the heart of God in the simplicity of worship, which led to freedom, healing and purpose.

“Wildfire” was one of the last songs written for the record and soon after became the title of the project. “It was one of those God moments that hit you out of nowhere. I had the melody of the chorus and the words ‘it’s burning, burning, burning’ playing over and over in my head and I thought, well what’s burning? And I immediately went to the word of God,” says Finch. Deuteronomy 4:24 reads, “For the Lord your God is a consuming fire, a jealous God.” We are children of a jealous God whose heart is burning with love for us. The bridge of the song says, “Uncontrollable, oh so beautiful, Your love consumes me. It’s unstoppable, oh so powerful, Your love consumes me.” These words describe the burning love that God has for each of His children. It all comes back to love. The crazy, uncontrollable, beautiful, unstoppable, all-powerful love of God that is burning within us and that continually burns for us.

Through heartfelt piano driven songs, John Finch has a desire to prepare a place for people to meet God in the intimacy of worship and write songs that lead people to encounter the redemptive freedom that is found in Christ. Wildfire is about a love that gives us life. Finch says, “It’s a love I desire to know but that doesn’t stop in me, rather it pour out from within my soul.”

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