Lighthouse Catholic Media was founded in 2005, by Mark Middendorf, Terry Barber and Dave Durand. Middendorf was inspired to start Lighthouse Catholic Media after listening to cassette tapes by Scott Hahn and other Catholic speakers. Using his business knowledge garnered from a successful career in corporate sales, Middendorf began distributing tapes to family and friends. He then met Terry Barber, founder of St. Joseph Communications (one of Middendorf’s early tape suppliers), and Dave Durand and started Lighthouse Catholic Media as a full-time pursuit. Middendorf notes, “‘The Lord puts the people He wants us to meet along our path – we simply need to be open ourselves to recognize these beacons of light along the road and orient ourselves to His inspirations.

Lighthouse makes available audio CDs and MP3s at a relatively low cost in order to ensure that they are affordable for as many people as possible. In the last few years, Lighthouse has developed a comprehensive Parish Kiosk program.The Parish Kiosk program distributes CD display cases to over 7500 Catholic parishes throughout the United States and Canada. The Kiosk’s are stocked with a variety of Lighthouse CDs available for free, although goodwill donations are accepted to help to cover the cost. The speakers that are represented by the program include such speakers as : Fr. Donald Calloway , Jason Evert , Vinny Flynn and others.

Lighthouse Catholic Media merged with the Augustine Institute in 2015. Lighthouse Catholic Media has recently announced plans to distribute audio CDs in India where more than 17 million Catholics reside. 

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