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The National Catholic Register provides a perspective on the news of the day as seen through the eyes of the Magisterium. It was founded in 1927 by Msgr. Matthew Smith of the Archdiocese of Denver. In the inaugural issue, Msgr. Smith wrote:

“If you like a Catholic paper with snap, vigor, courage, here it is. If you like one that is easy to read, here it is. If you like one that will always be loyal to the Church and has no selfish axe to grind, here it is.”

After more than 90 years, the National Catholic Register continues to provide its readers with timely news reporting from across the United States, from the Vatican, and from around the world. Today, we take Msgr. Smith’s words and put them into action.

The Register is read by tens of thousands of active lay Catholics along with over 800 priests, 160 bishops, 40 archbishops and 30 Vatican officials.

The National Catholic Register has become America’s most complete and faithful Catholic news source. In addition to the news that its readers need and expect, the Register also includes edifying feature articles on such topics as the Culture of Life, Catholic education, books, arts & entertainment, Catholic travel, and its award-winning In Person interview series. It is published biweekly, 26 issues per year.

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