Many times we go to Mass and may not really know how to pray or what we are doing. We’ve become numb to the words we’ve memorized and respond to. As Catholics, we might not even realize what we are experiencing. Maybe you have been away from Mass for a while and this can help you re-ignite aflame that has gone out. Maybe God is calling you back to Mass. If we realize what God wants to do with us and in us at each and every Mass, we could truly get so much more out of this most sacred time.

The Praying with Mass Video Program , a program offered by Prodigal Father Productions, is what you need if you ever wanted to get more out of mass beyond just showing up. The program, Led by Fr. Michael J. Denk ,will teach you how to experience Mass in a way that you’ve probably never though possible, to help you to experience God every time you got to mass. Prodigal Father Productions has been an active force in the new evangelization efforts of the Church with outreach such as the Examen Prayer App and other innovative programs.

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