The Carmelite Sisters of the Most Sacred Heart of Los Angeles operate the Sacred Heart Retreat House located in Southern California near Los Angeles. The house provides a spiritual oasis for those who visit.  Through various retreats, spiritual classes, and conferences, the Sisters strive to provide an opportunity for people to experience quiet and solitude and to deepen their union with God through prayer.

Programs  are offered  keeping with the magisterium of the Catholic Church by providing facilities for both silent and interactive retreat experiences.  Retreats vary in length and are designed to nurture the prayer lives of souls from all different walks of life.

In addition to our retreats that are open to the public, Sacred Heart Retreat House is also available to priests, religious, parish, lay or professional organizations as well as individuals seeking a private retreat. All uses are subject to approval, and all programs are in keeping with the Magisterium of the Catholic Church.

Sacred Heart Retreat House has two adjacent campuses, and groups with multiple workshops can use both campuses simultaneously.  The campuses are:

Sacred Heart Main Campus: The Sacred Heart Main Campus is located at 920 East Alhambra Road.  The main campus includes various wings of retreatants’ rooms, Mater Dei Hall with professional presentation equipment, and our main Chapel which also offers audio recording.

Saint Joseph Campus:  The St. Joseph Campus is just across the street, near the corner of Alhambra Road and Granada Avenue at 507 North Granada Avenue. This location is where we host the daytime/early evening events including workshops, Days of Prayer, Youth Groups, Prayer Groups, one day retreats/conferences, evening retreats, spiritual classes, various seminars and parish programs.  The Saint Joseph Hall located on this campus has state-of-the-art audio/visual equipment.

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