St. Jude Shrine — Nationwide Center of St. Jude Devotions

St. Jude Shrine is located in the heart of Baltimore, Maryland, and has been operated and staffed by the Pallottine Fathers and Brothers for over 80 years.  The Archbishop of Baltimore entrusted the Shrine to the Pallottines in 1917. Regular Novena Services were established around the outset of World War II, when devotion to St. Jude  reached remarkable proportions. At first the Novena Services attracted only the local parishioners, but in a short time it became a city-wide Center where people from all walks of life came to pray to St. Jude.  It was not long before the Shrine was known beyond the city limits of Baltimore, and people from the suburbs—in increasing numbers—began coming to the Shrine every Wednesday.  This increase made it necessary to have four Novena Services every Wednesday.

Today, St. Jude Shrine is the Nationwide Center of St. Jude Devotions.

People from all over the world visit the Shrine. Individuals and those on bus pilgrimages can explore the peace, serenity, and hope the Shrine has to offer. They also have the opportunity to browse in the Shrine’s Gift Shop and spend a moment in the Millennium Room—a historical and interactive multimedia center open to all. Those who cannot visit send their petitions to the Shrine regularly so that they can be prayed for at the Perpetual Novena Services.  They can also request the Novena Booklet which is available free-of-charge.  This enables them to say the Novena Prayers privately at home while their intentions are faithfully remembered at the Perpetual Novena Services at the Shrine.   Every year thousands of people enroll themselves and their loved ones—living and deceased—in the League of St. Jude.

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