Taylor Schroll is a dynamic worship leader & radio/podcast host at Forte Catholic. He has been in ministry for over 10 years and loves to share his God-given gifts to spread the Gospel.Taylor’s goal is to help bring the joy of the Gospel back into the Catholic faith that he loves and thus his motto is #MakeCatholicismFunAgain. He draws people in with comedy, joy and stories and then leads them into a real encounter with Christ.

Taylor is a professionally trained vocalist and guitarist but more importantly, he has a true gift for leading worship. Through the combination of experience, powerful vocals and attunement to the Holy Spirit, Taylor has lead thousands into intimate times of prayer through music.

He has had the privilege of speaking and leading worship at retreats, youth nights, Catholic school events, youth conferences, men’s conferences, parish missions, ministry leader trainings, nights of worship & more.Taylor holds two bachelor’s degree in Religious Studies and Music Industry.He is also a popular radio/podcast host and his show, Forte Catholic, was nominated for Catholic Podcast of the Year by the Fisher’s Net Awards in 2018.

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