Faith is not an ideology . . . it’s a journey of adventure.

Dr. Marcellino D’Ambrosio, better known as “Dr. Italy”, is the founder of Crossroads Initiative. The Crossroads Initiative is a band of wayfarers who’ve been gripped by the life and teaching of Jesus Christ and are trying to become his disciples. We are following him down a road that is as challenging as it is exciting. Our mission is to urge others, no matter what stage they’ve reached, to press on further down the road…and bring others along with them.

To help fellow travelers, we draw from the wisdom of master pilgrims who have already completed their journey, long before we even started. We seek to share their ancient wisdom in the most modern of ways, using live events, all the arts, and all the forms of contemporary media – to inspire, enlighten, deepen and delight. After all, those who seek to serve the Creator, should do so creatively.

1. Challenge at the Crossroads:  There is not just one decision to be made. The pursuit of happiness brings each of us to a series of Crossroads where new decisions must constantly be made, for comfort or adventure, for mediocrity or excellence, for faith or unbelief. We challenge people to choose the most worthwhile path, which is usually not the easiest.

2. A Break on the Journey:  On a regular basis, travelers need to pause to take their bearings, rest awhile, and be refreshed. This usually happens at taverns situated at a Crossroads. Our hope is that you find our establishment to be a place where you can kick off your boots, chart your course, and be reinvigorated with good company, fun, and rich fare.

3. Bringing the Word to the People:  Christians can no longer wait for people to come to Church. We need to take the initiative to bring the gospel to them, out to the Crossroads, where people are. Today, that includes the airwaves and the internet.

4. Merging Ancient and Contemporary:  We can’t just repeat what’s old. And we can’t just idolize what’s new. The Crossroads Initiative is where ancient wisdom intersects contemporary culture.

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