What if when Jesus commanded us to love our neighbors, he meant our actual neighbors?

Ennie Hickman and his wife Cana started asking themselves that question.  They started reaching out o their neighbors and inviting them over to their porch for food and fellowship.   This simple act started a revolution and the DelRay Collective was born.

Ennie says,

The Del Rey Collective desires to see a day when there is an “open porch” in every neighborhood, showing Christian hospitality, and building authentic communities of love. We might not agree with our neighbor’s politics or faith walk, but we can agree that tacos are good. When neighbors are in right relationship, good things happen. We believe that transformation of the world, starts in our own homes, on our own porches.

​The Vision…

Ennie and Cana believe that the simplicity of the Open Porch is the key.  What if we simply invited people into an activity that we are already doing? Church programs and events have their place, but they are oftentimes not as inclusive and hospitable as we would like. Folks who might not ever come to a bible study at the church are way more likely to join you on the porch for a meal and a beverage.

Take the challenge…

Get over to the the DelRay Collective and get your porch registered!

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