In 1991 Bud Macfarlane started the Mary Foundation, the world’s largest producer of Catholic CDs and booklets.   These tools are offered free of charge and you can order them from the Mary Foundation to give away to people.  The ten talks are:

  • The Conversion of Roy Schoeman
  • Knowing Jesus
  • Bringing Catholics Home
  • The Rosary and Divine Mercy Chaplet
  • Healing and Holiness
  • Seven Secrets of the Eucharist
  • The Mass Explained
  • The Conversion of Scott Hahn
  • Confession
  • Marian Apparitions Explained

The Mary Foundation has now given away millions of these instrumental tools and sparked thousands and thousands of conversions.

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Free Catholic Novels…

Bud gives his novels away for free and enlists an army of Carmelite nuns that pray for all those who open the novels and read them.  As a result thousands of people have experienced strong conversions (and reversions) back to the Catholic faith.  Many of those people have then gone into ministry themselves and helped to change lives as well!