What If Music Could Help Heal Our Church ?

The Vigil Project is not one band, but Several That Have come together to create “a multimedia resource for deep prayer and authentic encounter with God produced by a community of artists, musicians such as John Finch, and filmmakers. The Vigil project goal is to help reawaken the Church to a deeper love for God and to a more profound and intense devotion to the Lord.

Following the liturgical calendar, Vigil writes, records and publishes music that invites Catholics into a deeper experience of prayer
with the Church. The palpable difference between Vigil music and that of other Christian artists is the sacramental lens through which Vigil approaches the faith.


Vigil hosts powerful mission-concerts for parish communities across the U.S. and abroad during the liturgical seasons of Advent, Lent, and Easter.


During their concert tours, Vigil offers workshops for local musicians free of charge. The workshops are open to anyone who wants to learn more about Catholic music and connect with fellow musicians. Vigil hosts annual formation retreats for musicians and music teams as well. The retreats focus on three key areas: Spirituality,Community, and Technical Ability. Additionally, Vigil publishes sheet music, lead sheets, and lyrics for the music Vigil performs so that others may be able to use them.

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