The Understanding the Scriptures Podcast is composed of 30 episodes with each episode having a length between 72 and 80 minutes. It has had hundreds of thousands of listeners and has been accessed from almost every country in the world. It receives hundreds of downloads every day of the week.

The equation: “The power of the Internet” + “a great Bible study” = WIN!

It is a recording of a real Bible study that took place at Saint Mary Catholic Church in Brenham, TX between the fall of 2006 and the spring of 2007. That’s over 10 years ago… but the content is as timely as ever.

Each episode/class covers one of the 30 chapters in the textbook titled “Understanding the Scriptures,” by Dr. Scott Hahn (this textbook is part of the Didache series). Listeners to the podcast do not need to purchase this textbook, though it would be beneficial to purchase a copy and follow along.

The course follows the plan of Salvation History from Genesis to Jesus and demonstrates the unity of God’s salvific plan throughout the Old Testament, into the New Testament, and even through to today. The author and teacher of the study is Carson Weber, M.A.

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