Television Personality

Vinny is the man who has been singing the original Chaplet of Divine Mercy on EWTN with some of his children for over 20 years. These recordings have introduced thousands of people throughout the world to this powerful prayer. Well known convert Jeff Cavins first saw the one recorded in 1989 (with Vinny and his daughter Erin) and speaks about what a profoundly beautiful impact it had on him during his conversion.

He’s appeared on EWTN for decades on many different shows, has been feaured in DVDs and movies and is a founding member of the Catholic Marketing Network.


Vinny Flynn has authored many books and edited many more, but is most well known and beloved for his 7 Secrets series.  This first launched with 7 Secrets of the Eucharist which became an instant best seller and has been published in Italian, Spanish, Polish, Indonesian, and Croatian.  Because of Vinny’s unique writing style, he is able to speak to someone who knows almost nothing about the Eucharist and also speak to an advanced theologian and inspire both of them.

Vinny continued his 7 Secrets series with 7 Secrets of Confession and 7 Secrets of Divine Mercy.  His book 21 Ways to Worship fills adoration chapels across the world and his newest book, written with his daughter Erin Flynn, is a beautiful Catholic prayer book and keepsake that will be used and treasured for a lifetime.


Vinny has spoken at thousands of venues across the country and world including parish missions,  conferences  and retreats.  He most often speaks on the topics of the Eucharist, Reconciliation and the Divine Mercy message and he has a knack for engaging the crowd and transmitting complicated theological principles in a simple, conversational manner.


Vinny has produced over 16 albums of Catholic music through his family ministry, Mercysong.  Many of his children have become well known musicians as well and have recorded multiple albums, toured, been on EWTN many times and have written songs you’ll see in Church hymnals.

Divine Mercy History

Vinny grew up in Stockbridge, MA and lived down the street from the Marian Fathers and what is now known as the National Shrine of the Divine Mercy.  He was integral in the initial spread of the message and the editor of many books and pamplets that the Marians created to promulgate the message.  He was also the editor of the world renowned Diary of Sr. Faustina.  It was also here where he met his mentor, Fr. George Kosicki who was one of the world’s foremost experts on St. Faustina and Divine Mercy.

For Vinny, he was a colleague, mentor, confessor, spiritual father, and friend. Vinny was the editor for many of Fr. George’s books, and together with Fr. Seraphim Michalenko, they formed the team that trained many leading figures in the message of Divine Mercy.

Throughout the years, Fr. George continued to be a tireless supporter of Vinny’s Ministry, music, and writing. For over 20 years, they forged a friendship that lasted until Fr. George took his last breath in this world, with Vinny praying by his side.

Vinny’s connection to the Marians has always been strong and the Flynn house was constantly filled with Marian priests like Fr. Michael Gaitley and Fr. Don Calloway who became part of the family.

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