An Amazing Evangelization Tool!

With atheism on the rise and millions abandoning religion, why would anyone consider the Catholic Church?

Like many millennials, Brandon Vogt considered himself “spiritual, but not religious” until, as an engineering student in college, he began a passionate search for truth that led him — to his great surprise — to the Catholic Church.
In Why I Am Catholic (And You Should Be Too), Vogt shares the journey that culminated in the realization that Catholicism was right about a lot of things, maybe even everything.
This book was written specifically with atheists, agnostics, and former-Catholics in mind, people with NO religious background or NO interest in religion. You’ll learn exactly how to make the Catholic case to them.
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“I wish I’d read this book back when I was an atheist — I would have become Catholic much sooner! Brandon Vogt makes clear, reasonable arguments that will resonate with people from any faith background.”

Jennifer Fulwiler
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