My Jesus, I will love only You; You are the only one I wish to please!

In the eighteenth century a promising young lawyer called Alphonsus de Liguori felt he was being called to make a difference for the poor and abandoned of his day. He too asked the question

“In what way am I being called to be fulfilled,to have a life worth living?”

He found his answer in forming a small band of missionaries in Italy. He did this with the help of a visionary sister and co-founder of the Redemptorists, her name was Maria Celeste Crostarosa. They decided that the missionaries would be called ‘The Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer’.


That initial step was truly blessed by God and his congregation exists and thrives today all around the world. As an international Catholic Religious Congregation with membership of about 6,000 men, their presence is felt in every corner of the world. Whether in working with those searching for a deeper understanding of faith, or celebrating the liturgy each day in parishes, or encountering people in the inner city, the Redemptorist offer people a new and exciting glimple of a loving Father who calls them by name.

Strong in faith, rejoicing in hope, burning with charity, on fire with zeal, in humility of heart and persevering in prayer, Redemptorists as apostolic men and genuine disciples of Saint Alphonsus follow Christ the Redeemer with hearts full of joy; denying themselves and always ready to undertake what is demanding, they share in the mystery of Christ and proclaim it in Gospel simplicity of life and language, that they may bring to people plentiful redemption.

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